Congratulations to the 2007 AAWA Scholarship.  These recipients were honored at our annual banquet on April 27, 2007 at the Grand Palace Restaurant in San Jose, California. Click here for pictures from the banquet.

1. Dennis Hoang

  • A student at Piedmont Hills High School, he has been associated with the Asian American Recovery Services and has overcome many obstacles and hardships. Dennis is planning to be the first person of his household to graduate high school this May 2007.

2. Aditi Jain

  • Aditi is a senior at Monta Vista High School who started Project Literary International that raises money to build international schools and, a social networking website company. She is President of California Scholastic Foundation, Girls Exploring Math & Science, and Future Physicians of America in her school.

3. Fuifuilupe Niumeitolu

  • A graduate student at UC Berkeley, she battled alcoholism and is now focused on her PhD and research exploring the struggles that Tongans and Asian Pacific Islanders encounter in the US. In addition to teaching race and gender relations courses at New College of California and City College of San Francisco, she also hosts a show called “Education is Powerful” on a Tongan language radio program. She is working with social leaders in her community to build a South Asian voice.

4. Hannah Yu

  • Hannah is a second year Santa Clara University Law School student working towards a career in law to ensure social justice for minorities. She did research for the Constitutional Court of Korea, worked in the Division of Public Service of the American Bar Association and plans to work at the American Civil Liberties Union in Atlanta with the Voting Rights Project.