1. Erika Tashiro (Summit Tahoma)


  • Passion for children stems from own childhood; mother owned a daycare, where she was exposed to children of all backgrounds
  • Plans to graduate from a 4-year college with a degree in psychology or child development
  • Wants to pursue a career dealing with children, so she can make a positive impact in their lives
  • Parents have taught her that most valuable thing about a person is how they treat others, and try to help others
  • Is very appreciative and proud of her Japanese heritage, because of chances to visit during many summers

2. Lily Li (Homestead High School)


  • Still unsure of which university she will be attending next year, but hopes to attend Graduate School and receive a PhD in the Computer Science
  • Besides advocating for Asian American women, Lily’s passions lie in the field of medicine and technology
  • Hopes to one day serve underdeveloped regions of the world by providing technological solution.
  • Believes that every single person should use his or her innate talents for the betterment of society
  • Understands the importance of collaboration, and believes that the best ideas are found when working with a variety of people

3. Laiba Hasan (Summit Rainier High School)


  • Picture depicts one of the most memorable moments, where her brother graduated from high school
  • Hopes to graduate this year, attend college, and later pursue a medical career
  • Loves traveling, and hopes to travel to Greece and Japan
  • One of the most inspirational opportunities was leading a program, and helping kids in LifeMoves
  • Rewarding to see their growth, and how they look up to her
  • Inspiring to see how they try to change their current situation for the better

4. Dorothy Le (Summit Rainier High School)


  • Plan for the near future is to be accepted into UC Irvine as a nursing major
  • Wants to achieve a bachelor’s degree and then move forward to earn a master’s degree
  • Top priority is to be able to financially support myself and my parents
  • Loves meeting new people and being able to make long-lasting connections
  • By building a bond, gets to share their knowledge, their experience and their perspective on certain topic.
  • Wants to take a worldwide trip to indulge myself in new experiences and cultures after schooling
  • Proud member of the LGBTQ+ community